I've been making custom pins (or badges, or buttons, whatever you call them) for bands, organizations, zines, and so on since 2003. It doesn't exactly pay the ramen man, but it helps. These pins are high quality at a DIY price -- I use high-quality laser printing, not the tacky inkjet desktop printer stuff we've all seen before. I also strive to get your pins to you as quickly as possible -- when you provide the artwork, turn-around is usually only a couple of days.

I'm happy to offer metallic pins along with 2 1/4" badges, in addition to the usual 1 inch pins and magnets.

Product pricing is as follows:
  Black and White  Color Metallic (B&W Only) 
1" Pins $15/100 $20/100$25/100
1" Magnets $50/100 $55/100 $60/100
2 1/4" Pins $20/100 $25/100 $50/100

Shipping: There is a flat $10 shipping rate for any quantity of pins within the US -- meaning that whether you order 100 pins or 1000 pins, shipping is still only $10. All items are shipped USPS First Class or USPS Priority mail. We are happy to ship Internationally, however, International shipping is calculated on a per-order basis.

Minimum Order: 25 pins per design. I can mix and match designs as long as the quantity of each design is at least 25 pins.

Processing Time: Please allow at least two weeks for order processing. If you need your pins by a certain date or on short notice, please let me know. Most orders are completed and shipped in 2 or 3 days, but this is a one-person production here and occassional delays are inevitable. In particular, large orders, magnets, and 2 1/4" pins have longer turn-around times simply because they take more time to make. Also, given that I live in the Midwest, shipping is often at the mercy of winter weather.

Formatting Fees: If your artwork is formatted as specified in the layout section below, there's no set-up or graphic design fee.If I have to reformat, redesign, or otherwise tweak your artwork, my rate is $20 per hour with a minimum $10 charge. I also will create custom pin artwork on request. Samples of pins I have designed are available here.

Layout: All 1-inch pins and magnets use one layout, while all 2 1/4" designs use a different one. These layout templates are now available in PNG (1 Inch | 2 1/4 Inch ) and Photoshop (1 Inch | 2 1/4 Inch ) formats. I use the layered Photoshop version for my own designs. Download the PNG version if you aren't sure what to do with the Photoshop version. In either case, alter your design to fit this template.

Each area of the template is labelled in the image to the right. 1. This is outside of the print area. Please leave this area white. 2. The diagonal stripes between the two circles show the "bleed" area. This area wraps around the sides of the pin and should be filled with a color matching that of your design (don't fill it with stripes or leave it white, unless your design is striped or white!) 3. The area inside the inner circle is where your design will show on the face of the pin. Here, a cog is used as a sample design. Note that the black inner circle is only on the template for layout purposes -- do not include it in your final design!

Here's a page with some more tips and examples on how to design pins.

File Formats: I prefer to recieve pin designs as an (at least) 300 dpi PNG file with dimensions identical to those of the template. JPG, SVG, PDF, and BMP file formats are also acceptable. Please do not send images with a resolution lower than 300 dpi -- if it doesn't look good on your screen, it won't look any better printed out! Also, please do not send your image in an unusual or proprietary format -- including Photoshop! Due to compatibility issues these files types may not open correctly.

If nothing in the layout section makes any sense to you at all, contact me for a graphic design quote.

Ordering: To order pins, please contact me at decayingindustries@gmail.com. I can accept credit cards, eChecks, and bank transfers via PayPal and money orders the old fashioned way through the mail (no personal checks -- they have a nasty tendency to bounce.)